Strive for simple when you can, be pragmatic when you can’t.

Welcome to my (Nicki Watt’s) personal blog and website where all views, thoughts and ideas expressed here are my own.

I am a techie who enjoys problem solving, making stuff work, and exploring technologies and approaches which can enable this. I relish engaging in a good architectural design or challenge, and statements like “it can’t be done” simply spur me on rather than deter me! Less is often more, and am thus also partial to a good proverb- they tend to convey the essence of what you want to say in a language everyone can understand. My own proverbial motto is “Strive for simple when you can, be pragmatic when you can’t”

Professional info

I currently work as a lead consultant at OpenCredo helping companies embrace, build and deliver their solutions, with a current focus on Cloud, infrastructure as code, continuous integration and delivery and various NoSQL technologies. Along with my colleagues at OpenCredo I have also authored the book Neo4j In Action.

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Thanks for reading!